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  • Amir Binenfeld

    Amir Binenfeld

    Product Designer at Sentinel One. I’ve worked with Startups in various fields like Gaming, Cyber Security, and Medical tech.

  • Alla Foht

    Alla Foht

    Business Development & Marketing Executive from Tel Aviv. Passionate about transforming ideas into reality, in a way that will affect the company’s bottom line

  • Tomer Ben Arye

    Tomer Ben Arye

    Support Engineer and automation lover...

  • Dean La

    Dean La

  • Dean Langsam

    Dean Langsam

  • Sagi Serge Nadir

    Sagi Serge Nadir

    Throuble Maker & Problem Solver

  • Imi Eiron.

    Imi Eiron.

    Founder of Likearainbow. Cultural Branding specialist | Digital Content & storytelling expert | Turning narratives into business growth strategystrategy.

  • Liron Kreiss

    Liron Kreiss

    Engineer, TLV lover.

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